Student texts teacher ‘send nude’; mauls her when confronted


A 16-year-old student is now facing charges after he punched, grabbed the hair, and forcibly pushed the head of his 23-year-old in Himamaylan City, Occidental.

Kristel Anne Valencia, a teacher at the Raymundo T. Tongson High School Extension in Barangay Suay of the said city, sought the help of school officials and the police to investigate her student.


According to medical reports, Valencia suffered a “cerebral concussion secondary to blunt trauma.” Her doctor advised her to rest for three to five days after her student allegedly mauled her.

In her affidavit, the teacher said at 1:20 p.m. on February 26; she received “disturbing/embarrassing chat messages” from the student. She forwarded the message to their group chat to inform everybody of what he did.

Valencia said one of the text messages said, “hey send nude.”


The school’s head then instructed her via phone call to talk to the student at the principal’s office.

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Student texts teacher ‘send nudes’; punches her when confronted

When they arrived at the office, she allowed the student to sit down beside her on the sofa. Valencia, in a low voice, asked the student why he sent those chat messages.

However, the student denied the allegations. It was learned that the student has an ongoing treatment for behavioral and psychological problems.

Valencia then asked him why he could apologize for previously calling her “(dumb).”

The student shouted back saying, “Te, ano? Tanan, tanan nalang ako ginabasol (So what? I am being blamed for everything).”

The teacher said she stopped talking because she noticed he was already angry.

Valencia said the boy later stood up, removed his ID and sling bag, and put down his cellular phone, and punched her several times. He also grabbed her hair and pushed her head down on the sofa, causing her to become dizzy.

Her co-teachers rushed to her rescue and stopped the student.

Valencia said her co-teachers brought her to the hospital for treatment, after which she reported the incident to the police.

The teacher said the student has a record of getting into trouble in school against other students. His records also showed he assaulted other teachers before.

Bernie Libo-on, acting assistant schools division superintendent, said they were closely looking into the incident.

Meanwhile, Valencia has been transferred to the Raymundo T. Tongson High School‘s main campus in Barangay Talaban to help her cope with the trauma.