Student accidentally kills friend instead of bully


The revenge of a grade 10 student became a tragedy after she accidentally stabbed and killed her friend instead of the bully in Liloan, Cebu.

The victim only tried to stop the fight between the suspect and her bully, who is also a student.


According to reports, the rage of the suspect under the name “Erica,” 17 years old, started when her classmate would always bully her up to social media.

And with her last fight with the bully, the suspect now carried a knife.

The two rumbled, and Erica’s male friend tried to stop the fight. However, Erica accidentally stabbed her friend instead of the bully.


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Student accidentally kills friend instead of the bully

The victim was killed while the suspect was in custody, who was supposed to graduate from junior high school.

The suspect’s family now has a problem with where they are going to get the P120,000 bail for Erica, who is facing a homicide complaint.

The National Baseline Study on Violence Against Children indicates that 3 out of 5 Filipino children have experienced peer violence. A study done in 2011 among 1,278 Filipino high school students in rural and urban schools in the Philippines showed that 51% reported having experienced at least once, and only 17% said they never experienced any form of .

Bullying happens among students within classes, across different grade levels, within the same, and across different genders.

The implementing rules and regulations of RA 10627 or the Anti-Bullying Act require that schools formulate, disseminate, and implement a comprehensive anti-bullying policy.