Street drinkers forced to do pushups in new public order crackdown

boozers do pushups in phillipines
People caught drinking in the streets forced to do pushups in Metro this weekend

If you’re planning to get drunk in the streets of City any time soon, you may want to think about hitting the gym first.

A campaign against curfew violators and roadside drinkers has returned, with violators forced to do push ups in the streets.

‘Rid the Streets of Drunkards and Youths’ — or Oplan Rody as its better known, in a nod to the president — was first rolled out by police a few days before Mr ’s assumed office.

However, a youth group challenged the constitutionality of the campaign in the Supreme Court, which on July 27 issued a temporary restraining order on new curfew ordinances in Manila, Quezon City and Navotas.

But it seems some officials in City, in the south of Metro Manila, didn’t get the memo.

More than a hundred people, including curfew-breaking children, were rounded up on Friday night and early Saturday morning.

City police chief Jemar Modequillo, said at least 103 residents of Barangays San Dionisio and San Isidro were briefly detained. Forty-six were held for violating the 10pm curfew for minors, 31 for drinking in public and 15 for going out shirtless in the streets.

He added that the children were promptly released to their parents, while 46 adults were let go after they completed 40 pushups. Other witnesses to the scene put the figure at 60.

What happened to the remaining 11 individuals out of the 103 detained is unknown.

Local government spokesman Nick Ferrer said Mayor Edwin Olivarez had asked the police to enforce the city ordinances covered by Oplan Rody after receiving complaints from residents.

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