Strawberry shortcake weighing 1.6 tons baked at Benguet town festival

strawberry shortcake
The giant strawberry shortcake was enough for 12,000 people to enjoy.

A strawberry shortcake weighing 1.6 tons and enough to feed 12,000 people has been created in the town of La Trinidad in Benguet. 

The record-breaking cake was made to celebrate the town’s annual strawberry festival at the weekend.

The cake is a replica in size, design and taste of the one that had previously won the town a Guinness world record.

“The world record giant strawberry cake measures 1.5 meters high by 1.8 meters wide by 2.5 meters long, and weighs 1.6 tons. The cake making was led by chef Eric Espadero of Valley Bread,” said Sharon Lorenzo, Valley Bread Public Relations Manager.

La Trinidad won the world record for the biggest strawberry shortcake in 2004. The cake weighed 9,622.24 kilograms and was served to more than 10,000 people.

Ms Lorenzo said 500 pans of cake were assembled to create the finished product. Each pan is enough for 32 slices.

“It took us three days to finish the preparation with 46 manpower to help Chef Eric to finish the job,” she said.

According to festival organisers, the cake was made with 600 kilos of fresh strawberries; 300 kilos of sugar; 3,000 fresh large eggs; 345 kilos of milk; 375 kilos of all-purpose flour; 10 kilos of baking powder; four kilos of salt and 350 kilos of preserved strawberry.

Ms Lorenzo said the total cost for the ingredients, including the labour, was 675,000 pesos.

The slicing started at 11am on Saturday (March 23) with the first 50 slices given out for free and the succeeding slices sold at 20 pesos per slice.

While matching the biggest strawberry shortcake ever made, the dessert was not the biggest ever seen in the Philippines.

Last September we reported on a 13-ton cake made in Baguio to celebrate a mass wedding. This contained 700 kilos of butter, 800 kilos of sugar, 18,000 eggs, 150 cans of evaporated milk, 30 sacks of all-purpose flour, 20 sacks of cake flour, 10 kilos of walnuts, 10 kilos of baking powder, 10 kilos baking soda, 50 kilos of cocoa powder, 25,000 bananas, 500 kilos of carrots, 10 cans of corn oil and 1,500 litres of whipping cream.

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