Strava Cycling App – How to Log Your Cycling on Your Phone


Strava is an activity sharing site that enables users to track and upload the runs and rides they do using the GPS data. You can either use the dedicated app on your smartphone or the third party GPS on your bike’s computer, like a Garmin.

Strava’s service enables millions of people to connect with each other and even comment on the each other’s rides and give kudos when they think they have made a good effort and deserve to be congratulated. With this you can also get inspiration for your next ride by viewing other people’s routes.


One of the best parts about the app is the use of what they call “segments,” which are user-generated sections showing the routes they used. Strava creates a leaderboard of the fastest riders for a particular segment. This can help you determine how you stack up against the competition even when you cycle alone.

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How Can you Start Using the App?

The app can be used to log plenty of riding data and comes with a GPS tracker for route display on the map. It also displays the speed, the distance, your heart rate, and the power output. It has many features that allows it to be used as a serious training too. In addition, it can also be used for comparing riding data with other people around the world.

To start using it, you will need to download it from the app store. Then sign into the many different motivational challenges they have on the app, such as those set for climbing in order to meet a target or distance challenges.


Your progress is then tracked after every ride you have logged. Further, you receive a badge when you complete the challenge. In many different ways, Strava has been able to revolutionize how cyclists communicate with each other and compare their efforts.

The Strava Cycling App

The app is free to download and you can use it to effectively record your routes on the map such as your favorite running or bike trails. In addition, you can also analyze your training with the stats that are saved in the system.

You can also do marathon training using the app or if you just want to go for a run, you can do that too. It actually changes your phone into a tracker that is sophisticated and offers you the ability to achieve your fitness goals.

Features of the App

The app can keep a record of pace and routes and analyze them. It will track the distance that you are cycling or running, the pace, the elevation you gained, the calories you burned, and your overall speed.

If you want training challenges, this is the app to go to. With Strava, you can push yourself using their challenges which are available each month. By utilizing the Strava community, you can also use these to compete with other people.

Connecting and Sharing with Others

It is a great app if you have a couple of friends that you compete with. It will also enable you to share your rides so other people can see how you are performing. Moreover, this is a great way to build a community of individuals who are also interested in fitness. 

Sports that can be Tracked with Strava

Unbeknownst to many, Strava does not simply track running and cycling. In fact, there is a wide array of activities that can be tracked using Strava, including the following.

  • Alpine Ski
  • Swimming
  • Cross fitting
  • Hiking
  • Rock climbing
  • Kayaking
  • Yoga
  • Surfing
  • Indoor cycling
  • Indoor running
  • Gym workouts

Please note that the app depends on the GPS locator to record your activities, and in most cases if the GPS is not working correctly, then it will not be able to record your achievements effectively. If the recordings are poor, then the app will not be able to accurately understand your progress.

There are some devices that have consistently recorded poor performance with Strava, and whose downloading has been restricted such as the Galaxy express 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3.

Strava Cycling App - How to Log Your Cycling on Your Phone
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The Strava app is truly revolutionary. If you want to know how much you are working out, then you can use it to keep track of your progress and also keep in touch with your friends as you compete and have fun with each other.