The story keeps unfolding on depraved child abuser Peter Scully


The arrest of a Dutchman last year in the Netherlands has undoubtedly unraveled the life of one Peter Scully.

Not only did Scully allegedly perform depraved sexual acts on young girls, evidence now suggests he also tortured and murdered them as well.  

The Dutchman was one of Scully’s major leaks as Eric Nuqui reports from NBI: “A video of a young girl being directed to perform oral by an older woman speaking in the Visayan dialect led the police here,” that clip showed a young baby tied up and molested for profit. 

Scully’s live-in partner at the time is now under arrest for her involvement in the act, her real name is being withheld until the entire story of Peter Scully unfolds. Video cassette tapes and more are being sorted through, all victims of Scully and his accomplices. Nothing at this point is being overlooked, not even the parents of the victims that allowed this to happen. 

“Scully and his partners produced films not just of young girls performing sexual acts but also of young girls being tortured and sexually assaulted — or whatever it is their client demands online. There were no limits to what they forced these young girls to do,” Nuqui said.

Nuqui says the torture is from both Scully and his live-in partner – Nuqui and other agents described the one video as “the worst video we have encountered in our years of campaign against child pornography.”

The video and information provided by the police so far show that a total of eight girls were abused, including the video showing the young girl who was killed by Scully and dug up last week in his old rented apartment in Surigao City. So far, the other seven victims have been rescued and are now under the care of the Department of Social Welfare and Development until further investigation proves the family had no part in the case.

Images and videos also show that Scully lived in Barangay Macasandig in Cagayan de Oro City in 2011 – Lovely, the accomplice of Scully’s was captured at the airport as she was on her way to Bukidnon to see Scully – She had been in Palawan having a honeymoon with her new French husband, and now she most likely will face life in prison for her part in this heinous crime. 

Lovely is the one who led authorities to Scully as she was in fact the one questioned about his whereabouts. She confessed to knowing about the body of the girl cemented in the floor of Scully’s previous home. Lovely admitted that Scully killed the girl as they could not hide the torture marks on her body.

Lovely also admitted that the of videos and images was a business run by Scully with the participation of his girlfriends at the time. Lured in by the promise of money and an easy life, Scully and his girlfriends filmed throughout Mindanao, leaving a path of evidence that may take years to unwind.

The NBI said the production of the sadistic and pornographic videos are being financed by a worldwide syndicate, with members coming from Brazil, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Australian and authorities are now coordinating with the NBI to locate other members of the syndicate – this week the NBI noted that they believe Scully had at least four accomplices who are yet to be found.

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