Store in Thailand resells used face masks

Authorities caught a store in Saraburi province in Thailand, “repackaging and reselling” used face masks.

Reports said six workers caught ironing the used to sell them as new. A dealer sold them the used face masks.

Authorities also found a huge washing machine in the scene, which was being used to “clean” the masks.

The shop’s owner, Jintana Manwichai, claimed to have sold up to 200,000 of the recycled at 3 baht through —that comes up to a total of more than RM80,000 or P128,000.

One of the workers told Wihandaeng district chief officer Somsak Kaewasnathat “they got paid [sic] THB1 (roughly P1.63) per piece, while they recycled around 300 to 400 masks per day, per person.”

As a response, the government of Thailand will now control the distribution of in the country.

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Its “Mask Management Center” would control the distribution of 38 million that are manufactured in Thailand every month.

Thailand currently has 50 confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection at the time of writing, with a single fatality recorded.

Vice says that the prices of hand sanitizers have shot up to US$149 (about RM626) per bottle while disinfecting wipes are also available at a premium price of US$58.84 (about RM247). Folks over in China have also complained of recycled face masks.