Star witness in massacre case killed in Manila

A riding-in-tandem killed a 53-year-old police asset and star witness in a massacre case in 2012 in Sta Cruz, Manila.

The victim, Myrna Tandiama, resident of Herrera St., Tondo, Manila, was -on-the-spot due to several gunshot wounds.

According to a report by the Manila Police District-Homicide Section, the shooting occurred at around 5:40 pm at the corner of Yuseco and Ilustre Sts., Located in Barangay 225 Sta. Cruz, Manila.

As the victim was walking around the area, the suspect suddenly came aboard a motorcycle and shot the victim in the back of the body, right ear, and left hand, killing her instantly.

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in massacre case killed in Manila

It was learned that before the murder of the victim, he had obtained a certificate to file an action against a barangay official who was harassing her after they were not able to agree on the barangay.

After the incident, neighbors noticed a man roaming around their area, looking for the victim.

Tandiama was the primary witness against a barangay “tanod” (guard) who was the suspect in a massacre at Sta. Cruz, Manila, in 2012.

She saw the suspect coming out of the house where three people were found dead. Evelyn Tan, bank official, her Teresa, 74 years old, and their house helper Kristina Bartolay, 22, were stabbed to death on November 11, 2012.