‘Star City will die’: Star City fire probably arson


Lisa Macuja, the wife of Fred Elizalde, the amusement park’s owner, showed the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) a Twitter post saying “Star City will die” during the initial investigation, making them suspect that the fire was caused by arson.

Pasay City Fire Marshall Superintendent Paul Pili also wondered why the different buildings of Star City started burning almost at the same time.


However, BFP’s initial investigation showed the fire started from a stockroom at the Snow World building.

Aside from arson, BFP was also looking at electrical problems as a possible cause of the fire, which damaged almost 60% of the Star City compound.

As of 6:55 a.m. on Wednesday, firefighters declared the fire under control.


Star City will be closed for a year after massive fire

The Star City management announced this morning that the iconic amusement park would be closed for a year after it was hit by fire after midnight of Tuesday.

Atty. Rudolph Steve Juralbal, vice president for legal affairs of the Elizalde Group of Companies, said, “We’re targeting reopening about October next year. It’s necessary because the importation of rides takes time and the set-up of the park also.”

Meanwhile, the Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) building was also damaged. The MBC houses radio stations Love Radio, DZRH, Yes the Best! and Easy Rock.

Unlike Start City, the MBC was expected to operate again within less than two days or less.

“Despite the catastrophe, MBC FM stations Love Radio, Yes the Best, and Easy Rock will continue regular broadcasting operations,” said MBC.