Special forces find bomb-making manuals after killing three IS supporters

ISIS Philippines, ISIS Supporters philippines, Maasim, General Santos City, Gensan
Special Forces Kill 3 Known ISIS Supporters in Sarangani, Mindanao (Image of known Ansar al Khilafah in the Philippines)

Special Action Forces (SAF) killed three known members of a group supporting the so-called Islamic State (IS) in an encounter in Sarangani Province on the southern tip of Mindanao on Saturday.

Police say that the three suspects were members of the Ansar al Khilafah Philippines, a group affiliated with IS.


Sources say the SAF members encountered the the terrorist group at about 5pm in the town of Maasim.

The SAF team was there to hunt down Mohammad Jaafar Magud, known to many locals as ‘Tokboy’, the leader of Ansar al Khilafah Philippines.

Police seized an ISIS flag, rifle scope, M79 grenade launcher and Carbine rifle.


Police say that earlier in the day they arrested another member of the group, identified as Mustapha Gansing.

Police confiscated from Gansing an IS T-shirt, an IS logo, a camo uniform and manuals on making bombs.

The site remains cordoned off by SAF members and the Philippine Army’s 27th Infantry Battalion.