Spanish man arrested in Makati for drunken wrecking spree and assault

Spanish Jairo Ruiz Ibanez, 36, of Siargao, is being booked by the police for alarm and scandal, assault and other criminal charges in Makati City. Photo courtesy of Makati City Police Station

A Spanish man has been arrested for damaging a car and assaulting a security guard in a Makati City parking lot early on New Year’s Day.

The Makati City Police Station has identified the suspect as Jairo Ruiz Ibanez, aged 33, a resident of Siargao Island in Surigao del Norte.


According to investigators, a drunken Ibanez was seen smashing his motorcycle helmet and breaking the car window of Ed Morales, a tenant of the Makati Prime Tower Suites at about 5am.

The building’s security guard, Allaniel Mayangao, intervened and tried to calm the suspect. However, Ibanez allegedly punched him and threw a concrete block at him.

This prompted Mayangao and his colleagues to call for for assistance from barangay watchmen. When they arrived, Ibanez allegedly resisted arrest before being subdued. 


He was then taken to the police station for possible filing of malicious mischief, alarm and scandal, assault and resisting arrest charges.

The case has been referred to the station’s Criminal Investigation Department. 

Meanwhile, two Koreans were arrested for malicious mischief in a hotel in Mandaue City early this morning.

Police Inspector Mercy Villaro has identified the suspects as Chen Gho and Chen Song.

Both were reportedly drunk when they got into an argument with the front desk attendant of the hotel located at the J Centre Mall at 5am.

The argument led to the Koreans breaking the glass of the front desk as they attempted to scatter hotel documents. 

They were also accused of threatening the front desk attendant. The cost of the damage was estimated at 1,000 pesos.

The security guard of the hotel turned over the two suspects to the Subangdaku Police Station, where they are currently detained.

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