Some vendors hold pork, chicken holiday

Pork and vendors went on holiday again or stopped selling in some markets in Metro Manila this Monday because they were losing money following the government’s imposition of a price ceiling on their goods.

Participants included about 50 sellers of pork and at Murphy Market in Cubao, Quezon City, which will stop selling on Tuesday.

According to the sellers, they even tried to sell last week but they are already losing money because apart from not getting a cheap supply of pork from the Department of Agriculture (DA), the products’ price from suppliers also continues to increase.

“Noong una, ayos lang pero noong katagalan tumataas, hindi na kaya. Mas malulugi kami kung magtitinda kami,” says Warren Mortera, who has been selling pork at Murphy Market for 5 years.

“Hindi na kaya ibigay pa ng P270 to P300 [per kilo] kasi sinubukan namin siya, kahit ganoon ang presyo, negative pa rin ang kita namin, talagang wala kaming kinikita,” said hog dealer and vendor Von Ocbena.

Some vendors also had a pork holiday at the Commonwealth Market in Quezon City.

Starting February 8, the price cap for kasim and buttocks is P270 per kilo, P300 per kilo for liempo, and P160 per kilo for in Metro Manila. The price ceiling will be effective for 60 days.

Some vendors hold pork, holiday

At Paco Market in Manila, vendors plan to hold a 4-day pork holiday.

There will be a meeting of shopkeepers and vendors this Monday to finalize the plan that is planned to be done every Friday to Monday.

Right now, there are still pork sellers in the market but they are allegedly complaining of huge losses just to follow the price ceiling.

The group Pork Producers Federation of the Philippines proposed to adjust the price ceiling imposed on pigs and poultry.

According to the Manila Meat Dealers Association, the price ceiling of pork and will help if the price ceiling is implemented not only in Metro Manila but throughout Luzon.

“Mapipilitan ang mga hog raisers na magbaba ng presyo… kasi kung ipipilit nila ang mataas na presyo, buong Luzon ang hindi bibili ng baboy,” said Ricardo Chan of Manila Meat Dealers Association.