Some pork, chicken vendors resume selling

Some pork vendors resumed selling this Tuesday after holding a pork holiday but they sell class B or lower grade pork to comply with the price ceiling imposed by the government.

In , some sellers followed the price ceiling at Quinta Market but instead of first-class meat, second-class pork was sold first.

“Class 2 tawag nila, bukod sa maliit na klase ng baboy, mataba pa siya,” said vendor Jason Santos.

In Pritil Market, some sellers also sell other products such as sausage, , or others that can be made from class 2 meat.

At the Commonwealth Market in City, more and chicken stalls opened on Tuesday compared to Monday.

Touring the said market, Agriculture Secretary William Dar was happy that the sellers followed the price ceiling.

Dar believes that with the help of pork supplies from General Santos City, South Cotabato, Iloilo, and Batangas, the demands in markets in Metro Manila will be met.

Some pork, chicken vendors resume selling

According to some vendors, even though it was difficult, they forced themselves to follow the for fear of being caught or paying a fine.

“Ang laki ng lugi namin araw-araw sa presyo ng baboy kasi ang taas ng bigay sa amin tapos ibebenta namin nang mababa,” said vendor Rose.

But at Mega Q Mart, the meat section on Tuesday was still quiet because the sellers chose to continue with the meat holiday.

Pork and chicken vendors in Metro Manila have been holding a meat holiday since Monday to alleviate the government’s price ceiling on their products, which they say will cost them dearly.

The price cap is P270 per kilo of kasim and pigue, P300 per kilo of liempo, and P160 per kilo of chicken effective for 2 months in Metro Manila.

Meanwhile, the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Trade and Industry also announced the P235 per kilo suggested retail price (SRP) for wholesalers and pork traders.

Currently, wholesalers and traders give P250 per kilo to retailers, so it is difficult for them to follow the price ceiling.