Some Pinoys experience Long COVID

According to infectious disease expert Dr. Rontgene Solante, Long COVID is being studied at Hospital.

“Andrea” tested positive for coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in July.

When she did the repeat test in August and until this October, “Andrea” was still experiencing the disease’s symptoms.

“Nag-iba-iba ‘yong naging symptoms ko. ‘Yong fever and sore throat, na-resolve siya in a week. Pero after noon, napalitan ng chest tightness,” said “Andrea.”

“Ang naging lingering symptom ko naman ngayon is ‘yong clogged nose,” she added.

In August, 23-year-old “Nica” was found with COVID-19.

She tested negative for the disease after two weeks. But that is where the inexplicable symptoms started.

“I felt worse than when I had COVID. My body hurts so much, my joints were so painful, and my body was hurting, I could not get out of bed,” said “Nica.”

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Some Pinoys experience Long COVID

A doctor allegedly told “Nica” that she was experiencing Long COVID.

About 10 to 15 percent, or one in 10 of those who had COVID-19 experience Long COVID, based on those who follow up check-ups at the hospital.

Some of these symptoms include difficulty sleeping, anxiety, impaired memory or “brain fog,” extreme fatigue, loss of taste and smell, and chest pains.

“This occurs more for those patients 50 years and above, who have comorbidities and who have had long course of COVID infection in the hospital,” said Solante.

No cases of Long COVID were found in children, said pediatric infectious disease specialist Benjamin Co.

He said Long COVID is similar to post-viral illness, and it is important to diagnose those who experience it.

“Make sure that there is no other organ that is involved, especially with the symptoms that you see for Long COVID,” said Co.

According to the World Health Organization, studies on various types of recovery from COVID-19 continue.

As of October 18, 2020, the Department of Health reported the total number of COVID-19 cases at 356,618, after 2,379 newly-confirmed cases were added to the list of COVID-19 patients.