Solon urges DOTr, LTO to suspend emission testing requirement until end of 2020


Cagayan De Oro City Representative Rufus Rodriguez is urging the Department of Transportation (DOTr) and Land Transportation Office (LTO) to suspend emission testing requirements for the registration of motor vehicles until the end of 2020.

Rodriguez filed House Resolution 1007, which urges the House of Representatives to express its collective sense for the suspension of the emission testing requirement.


He said that the surge of motor vehicle registrations resulted “in very long lines and unusual delays in the process of registration, especially in emission testing centers.”

The lawmaker cited the situation in his own district in Cagayan De Oro City as an example. He said applicants would wait four to five hours just to get an appointment number for the emission test, which itself is at least two weeks away.

“It’s a lot of inconvenience on the part of motor vehicle owners, to say the least. These taxpayers deserve better service,” he stressed.


He added that the long queues and delays are also causing violations in health protocols among applicants and LTO personnel, such as social distancing. Such could lead to a surge in COVID-19 infections.

“To address this problem and to make registration easier for vehicle owners, the DoTr and the LTO should suspend the emission testing requirement until December 31, 2020,” he said.

This proposal, he added, would allow DOTr and LTO to have more time “to look into numerous complaints and allegations impropriety against these privately-owned testing centers all over the country.”

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LTO Motor Vehicle Registration Requirements

General Requirements:
1. Original / one (1) photocopy of Certificate of Registration (CR)
2. Original LTO Copy or electronically transmitted appropriate insurance Certificate of Cover (COC)
3. Original duly accomplished Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR)
4. Original Certificate of Emission Compliance (CEC)

Additional Requirements:

A. Tax Exempt
1. Original Endorsement with control number

B. Other Exempt Vehicle (OEV) under Special Economic Zones
1. Original Certification that the MV is still classified as Other Exempt Vehicle (OEV)

C. For Hire
1. Electronically transmitted franchise confirmation (For MVs) / Provisional Authority (PA) or Petition for extension of validity duly received by LTFRB with OR *Note: Renewal shall not be processed if the franchise will expire in the next 6 months.
2. Original valid Motorized Tricycle Operator’s Permit with Official Receipt (MTOP) (For Tricycles)

D. Stolen and Recovered MVs
1. Original copy of the Lifting of General Alarm
2. Original Report of Recovery
3. One copy of Alarm Sheet
4. Original PNP Crime Laboratory (macro etching report) or National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) report, fully identifying the motor vehicle and stating therein the tampering done on the engine or chassis, if any
5. Original Certificate of re-stamping in case of tampered engine/chassis

E. Reactivation of Storage MVs
1. Original LTO Copy or electronically transmitted appropriate insurance COC
3. Original duly accomplished MVIR
4. Original CEC
5. Original RRPL
6. If for hire, electronic confirmation valid franchise or PA or extension of validity or MTOP with valid OR