Solon says Calbayog Mayor Aquino ‘murdered by rogue elements of PNP’

Samar 1st District Rep. Edgar Mary Sarmiento believes Calbayog Mayor Ronald Aquino was “murdered: by rogue personnel of the Philippine National Police.

“There are evidences, there are facts that can’t be denied. So sad to note that the father of the city, of Calbayog was slain or murdered by rogue elements of the Philippine National Police,” the solon told ANC.

Sarmiento also insisted that the shooting which killed 6 people was an ambush. The PNP initially said that Aquino’s security group first fired the tailing police vehicle.

“I’m hoping that justice will be given to him. Again, this is a well-planned thing. For me, this is still an ambush,” Sarmiento said.

The lawmaker said that the police opened at the Calbayog mayor’s vehicle on his way to his son’s birthday party. Sarmiento added this information came from the people who witnessed the shooting.

Sarmiento has filed a resolution urging the committee on public order and safety in the House of Representatives to investigate the death of the Calbayog mayor.

Solon says Calbayog Mayor Aquino ‘murdered by rogue elements of PNP’

“In this case, how can people not judge what happened to our mayor? They were not in proper uniform. They were not in proper vehicles. Why do you have to clandestine your vehicles? Why do you have to wear bonnets, in this case? Why do you have to bring firearms, high-powered at that, if the intention is just to inspect?” he said.

Sarmiento also revealed that the shooting incident was politically motivated.

“The people in Calbayog knows the reason behind this. This is about politics. There are rogue elements [of PNP] that allowed themselves to be used by politicians,” he said.

However, he did not name the person who could have ordered the against Calbayog Mayor Aquino.

“I don’t want to accuse anyone rather than to wait for the report from the National Bureau of Investigation what really happened to our mayor,” he said.

According to Philippine National Police chief Debold Sinas, the details of the incident are not yet complete, but they are sure it was a  and not an ambush as first reported.