Sofia Andres shares baptism of baby Zoe


After introducing her daughter to the world last Father’s Day, actress Sofia Andres shared on social media the baptism of baby Zoe.

On Instagram, Sofia posted a video of her daughter’s intimate baptism, which happened last February.

Sofia Andres shares baptism of baby Zoe
Sofia Andres shares baptism of baby Zoe (Image from niceprintphot)

“Your true home, The Christian world welcomes you my love 💕 Thank you so much to all the people who’ve become a part of this intimately wonderful celebration,” Andres said.

Nice Print Photography also posted photos from the baptism, which took place in San Antonio Parish in Makati.

Sofia and boyfriend Daniel Miranda welcomed Zoe in Australia.


The two surprised the showbiz world after they revealed they are now parents.

In the three-minute video, Andres thanked her partner Daniel Miranda and her friends, who supported her during her pregnancy.

“They say when you are pregnant, you get clingier, you crave a lot. It gets easier especially when your friends and your partner cook for you. And eat with you. You get emotional, and glowing. And then you eat more. You know what’s even more touching, a lot of people are there for you,” she said.

“When I’m stressed out, he’d wake up in the middle of the night to massage me, to comfort me. It’s his way of telling me that we are in this together,” she said.

The actress also thanked her mother and Miranda’s mom for teaching her everything about motherhood.

“They sacrificed their time just to be with us on this. They [taught me] everything about being a mom. That makes me emotional because I realized how delicate they were when they were also about to be mothers to us,” she said.

Now that they are parents, Andres acknowledged that things are going to be different and a lot more challenging for them.

Who is Daniel Miranda?

Daniel grew up in Cebu, and his obsession with racing started when he was a kid. He is a professional race car driver who competed and won international competitions.

He was named overall champion of Toyota Vios Cup 2017 and landed a top 3 finish when he represented Eurasia Motorsport in the Asian Formula Renault Series.

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