Slain PDEA agent in QC ‘misencounter’ honored

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) agent who died in a “misencounter” in the parking lot of a fast- restaurant in Quezon City on Wednesday was given recognition.

Rankin Gano was the only PDEA agent killed in the alleged misencounter in which four people were killed and several personnel and civilians were injured.

“This is the golden moment for PDEA. Pinakita natin sa tao kung gaano tayo na-frustrate, pinakita natin sa tao kung sino tayo. Ang buhay ni Rankin ay hindi natin sasayangin,” said PDEA Director General Wilkins Villanueva.

chief Debold Sinas also extended assistance for the burial of Police Cpl. Elvin Eric Garado and other expenses of his family.

“Kami ay andito kasama ang head ng PDEA. Kami po ay nakikiramay rin po ako sa namatay sa PDEA. Nakikiramay kami, at dito rin nagbigay kami ng tulong sa pamilya po,” said Sinas.

CCTV also captured the “misencounter” in the buy-bust operation.

It could be seen that a white car was parked with the hood raised. According to a PDEA source, it is a of their asset.

A man who was allegedly a QCPD personnel approached him casually.

Slain PDEA agent in QC ‘misencounter’ honored

He approached the ’s side standing and seemed to have searched him. He was followed by a policewoman wearing a white shirt who was also carrying a paper bag.

Later, the police circled the other side of the car, then the PDEA personnel wearing red clothes also approached. It was here that the shooting started and the PDEA agent fell.

The man in the helmet, who is said to be a policeman, appeared behind him. But a PDEA agent in a red cap identified as Gano also approached.

Gano shot the man in the helmet while the police shot him from the other side of the car. But the policeman was shot and the shooter seemed to come from inside.

The woman with him ran away. Rankin also ran away but fell.

The NBI-NCR is reviewing the CCTV footage after Duterte stopped the PDEA- joint investigation.

Sinas also confirmed that the NBI will handle the investigation on President Rodrigo Duterte’s order.