Sky Careers – How to Get Work Experience Today


Among the many different media groups in Europe, Sky stands out as the largest.

This company is also quite successful in the US, as many households are going for the pay-per-view option to watch their favorite Sky shows. Not only does it put out great entertainment, but it also offers a number of career paths.


In this article, we will guide you through the job positions that Sky Careers offers.

Sky Careers - How to Get Work Experience Today

About the Company

Sky is a media entertainment group that was founded back in 1990. While its headquarters are in the UK, it conducts business globally. 

Today, it has an operating income of more than $1 billion every year, with more than 31,000 employees across the globe.


This broadcasting and telecommunications company is not only revolutionizing entertainment, but also home service, retail, and B2B sales. 

Bearing this in mind, there is an array of job positions that you might be eager to apply for.

Types Of Jobs Offered

Sky Careers is the best example of how an employee-friendly workplace should be. There are a number of early career options, including graduate programs, summer internships, apprenticeships, and diversity programs. 

These options would allow you to get much-needed experience for the future.

As for the job positions that are offered, it all depends on which area you would like to be a part of. Sky hires a lot of employees in the technology sector, and they are mostly developers who have ideas on how to bring customers even more entertainment.

Another popular sphere to get hired in is Content and Production. Basically, you become a part of the team that determines what should and shouldn’t be on a show. Also, job positions that are related to post-production are offered, as well.

Additionally, you can work in the retail sector, or if you have more experience and education, you can be a part of the corporate team that drafts and makes deals

Lastly, being employed in home service or in a contact center is ideal for someone who enjoys working with people.

Payscale/Salary Info

You can’t truly determine the correct amount you might get paid when it comes to Sky salaries and payscale. This is because there are a plethora of different job positions that, of course, don’t have the same conditions or requirements.

However, we did find that an average is anywhere between $40,000 and $80,000 on a yearly basis. 

Who Is Eligible?

One of the great things about Sky Careers is that, for most job positions, you are not required to have a Bachelor’s or a Master’s Degree. Yes, it is preferable. 

However, if you are going to be a developer, being profound in Java and having finished a couple of courses will improve your chances. 

The main requirement is that you are 18 years old and at least have a high school diploma. Additionally, profound knowledge and at least some applicable working experience in the field or area you are interested in is required. 

For example, as a Home Service employee, you will need to be educated both on technology and communication. 

How To Apply

The application process is quite simple and is done through the Sky Careers official website. 

Thus, once you go through the job search and find the position that you think would suit you, you should click on it, and fill out the online form, in which your resume is usually going to be more than enough.

Benefits You Can Get With the Job

Among the main advantages of being a Sky employee is the versatile list of benefits you will enjoy. These benefits can include paid vacations, a company car, Sharesave, private health care, discounts, and full Sky TV packages. 

Not to mention, you can enjoy flexible working hours, and depending on your job position, it may be able to be done from a home office.

Sky Careers - How to Get Work Experience Today


There is no doubt that Sky Careers offers superb working conditions that are highlighted by a friendly culture and a reasonable work-life balance

Thus, if you would be happy to be a part of the telecommunications industry, applying for a job with Sky is something you should do now!