Six cool places to really chill out in the Philippines


There are times in the Philippines when no matter how cool the pool, or how cold the beer, the constant heat can get on top of you. A trip to the mall — or any other air-conditioned place — can provide a temporary reprieve, but sometimes only fresh, crisp air and gentle breezes will do. So here are six places in the Philippines where you can — quite literally — chill out:


cool places Philippines
The cool mountainous landscape around The Summer Capital

Located high in the mountains of Northern Luzon, The Summer Capital of the Philippines is a perfect escape from the hot, humid lowlands.

Also known as ‘The City of Pines’, Baguio was founded by the Americans as a summertime alternative to a sweltering Metro Manila.


There’s lots to see and do in and around the city, and it really does get chilly — in February this year the temperature dropped to just 7.3c/45f!


cool places Philippines
The stunning views over Lake Taal

Even closer to Manila, so perfect for a short break, is Tagaytay.

As well as the cool air, you can also drink in amazing views of the Taal Lake and Volcano — a volcano on an island within a lake on an island.


It’s also a favourite destination for food lovers — the local speciality bulalo, a hearty beef soup, is not to be missed.


Mountain Province
Only in the Philippines: The hanging coffins of Sagada

With temperatures dropping to as low as 4c/39f in the evenings, Sagada is a real breath of fresh air.

As well as unparalleled opportunities for rock climbing, trekking and caving, it also boasts the truly unique spectacle of hanging coffins.

It may take a while to reach, but it’s definitely worth the time.


rice terraces
The 2,000-year-old rice terraces have UNESCO world heritage status

One of the true wonders of the Philippines, the rice terraces of Banaue are now accessible via a flight from Clark Airport.

To enjoy this stunning place on a budget, check out our guide here.

The temperature, year round, eminently comfortable, rarely exceeding 25c/77f or dipping below 15c/59f.

Negros Occidental

cool places Philippines
Kanlaon Volcano as seen from Don Salvador Benedicto

Slightly further off the tourist trail is the summer capital of Negros Occidental — Don Salvador Benedicto, which is 2,500ft above sea level.

Surrounded by stunning countryside, DSB, as it’s known locally, deserves many more visitors than it currently receives. (Just don’t tell everyone).

The temperatures are just like in Banaue — in other words, perfectly pleasant.


Scotland? New Zealand? No, it’s Batanas

The rugged islands forming the northernmost part of the Philippines are splendidly cool from November to February, with a yearly average temperature of 26c/79f.

The landscape is likened by many to New Zealand or Scotland, with rolling hills, vast pastures and dramatic cliffs, and there is no shortage of things to see and do.

There is a common misconception that Batanes is constantly battered by typhoons — this is because it holds the northernmost weather station in the Philippines and so is a reference point for all typhoons moving south to the country.

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