Sinulog drinkers could find themselves locked up in mobile jails



Cebu Mayor Tomas Osmeña is to deploy mobile jails to lock up violators of his Sinulog Grand Parade alcohol ban.


The city mayor warned that individual violators of the ban, which covers a 300-metre zone along either side of the parade route, could find themselves locked up in buses — or mobile jails.

For business establishments, the punishment could be even more severe. He said: “Closed for one month, one year, forever. It depends on the severity of the violation. If there’s clear abuse and defiance, it will be closed forever.”

He also warned that there were to be no loopholes, adding: “Restaurants are not exempted. Hotels are not exempted. Foreigners are not exempted. Room service is not exempted. The 300-metre is a kill zone.”


The ban will run from 6am on January 21 to the same time the following day.

As well as the alcohol ban, there will also be an entertainment ban within the 300-metre zone on January 19, 20, and 21.

Picture from Mayor Osmeña’s Facebook page

The restrictions are contained in the mayor’s Executive Order No. 30, which seeks to regulate business establishments and vendors during this year’s Sinulog.

“We have to run the city by rules,” he said. “Even if they think it’s too much, go to Mandaue, go to Talisay. Warning to everybody, I’m a crazy guy.”

He said that he was so determined to make the ban work, he has even shared his personal phone number — 09173 299999 — to receive complaints and reports from the public.

There will also 221 barangay environmental officers and other volunteers policing the crowds for people dropping garbage.

Osmeña has urged owners of hotels, restaurants and other establishments to make sure their guests are aware of the ban.

In a message to critics of his plans, he simply said: “Get lost and get out of Cebu.”

Last year cellphone signals were blocked during the event as an anti-terror precaution.

The parade route includes New Imus Road, M J Cuenco Avenue, General Maxilom Avenue, Fuente Osmeña, Osmeña Boulevard, R R Landon Street, entrance gate of the Cebu City Sports Center passing the Sinulog grandstand, exit gate at P del Rosario Street side, N Bacalso Avenue, old Citilink Terminal, and P del Rosario Street.

The alcohol and entertainment exclusion zone. Picture from Mayor Osmeña’s Facebook page