How to enjoy Singapore on a budget


Singapore is a modern city that’s known for being expensive. While you could spend time in nearby countries for much less, they don’t have the same attractions and energy as this city. If you’re on a budget, you can find free activities in Singapore and make the most from your trip. Use these tips to enjoy a budget-friendly trip.



1. Use the EZ-Link Card

This card is a stored value card that can be used on public transit. Travelers may think of it as being similar to the Oyster card in London. There is an initial cost, but it offers a better rate than cash payments so you’ll save money if you’re using public transportation on a daily basis. Also, you do not have to worry about carrying enough cash for your trip, and it’s easy to reload.

2. Enjoy Hawker Food

The cost of food can be a large one on your trip, but the locals know where to get inexpensive meals that still taste great. A hawker center is where locals go so you’ll also get to experience a little more of authentic Singapore. A hawker center is an inexpensive choice without sacrificing quality. Chinatown Food Centre and Maxwell Food Centre are two examples of places that have great cuisine for an affordable price.

3. Come during a Public Holiday

Although the cost of entertainment can be high, you can take advantage of free entertainment if you visit Singapore during one of their festivals. The mid-autumn festival, Thaipusam, and the Chinese New Year are all examples of holidays that are truly spectacular in Singapore. Dancers and celebrities fill the streets, and you’ll get to enjoy amazing performances. Also, street vendors often offer free samples to increase sales. Enjoy the free food and entertainment on these dates.


4. Visit Museums Strategically

The museums in Singapore are a great way to learn a little more about the area, but they can be a little expensive. They offer free admission on public holidays so you can take advantage of this when you’re in the area. Also, there are times throughout the year when the museums will offer periods of either free or discounted admissions. Review the museum calendars before your trip so you can be strategic.

5. Stay in Little India

Hotels can be expensive although there are many housing options for tourists. Dorm-style rooms are inexpensive, but you may not get the best night’s rest when choosing one of these spots. There are plush designer capsule hotels that aren’t roomy but come at a much lower price tag. Some of the best priced and best quality places to stay in Singapore are located in Little India. Here you can get cheap double rooms for a reasonable price without having to sacrifice quality.

6. Invest in Attraction Passes

You may want to see some of the top attractions like the Night Safari or Underwater World. The admission cost to each of these attractions may be above your price range. One solution is to purchase an attraction pass. This pass provides free access to a long list of attractions and is well worth the cost if you want to visit multiple attractions in Singapore. It also offers discounts at some bars and restaurants so you can get a great deal.

An example of a unique experience would be trying a mermaid class which is perfect for your any family or Little Mermaid fan.
Finally, you can often get a better price when you’re traveling by going during an off-season. If you have flexibility in your schedule, look at how rates vary throughout the year and then plan your trip accordingly. Regardless of when you travel though, these tips will help you enjoy Singapore while sticking with your budget.