Shabu found in Chinese national’s packed lunch

Instead of a dish, rice with shabu was found in a packed lunch a has prepared for his friend in Clark, Pampanga.

chinese national shabu packed lunch
Shabu found in Chinese national’s packed lunch. (Image from GMA News)

According to police, Zhang Cun Hua, 29, was about to enter Clark Free Port Zone with the packed lunch for his friend working at a POGO or there.

When the authorities inspected the lunch box, they found a sachet of shabu with the rice instead of a dish.

He was immediately arrested and taken to the police station.

The did not give a statement about his arrest.

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Duterte confident China will not attack Philippines after VFA termination

President Rodrigo Duterte is confident that China will not attack the Philippines even after its termination of the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) with the US.

In a speech by President Duterte Monday night at a meeting of the Local Chief Executives in City, he said China would not attack and strike as long as the Philippines would not do anything wrong against the “sleeping giant” country.

According to the president, he has no problems even if Chinese President Xi Jinping would take a bath in Palawan.

At the same time, the president said he understood the sentiment of some cabinet officials who opposed the abolition of the VFA.

According to the president, some cabinet officials have graduated from the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) and trained in America, so it is inevitable that they would favor the US.

But for now, President Duterte is determined to end the VFA.