Four Koreans arrested in Cebu City for offering sex tours


4 Koreans Arrested in Cebu for Sex Tourism
Four Foreign Nationals Arrested in Cebu City for Offering ‘Sex Tours’ – Image Courtesy of –

Four Korean men have been arrested in Cebu City for involvement in a racket offering sex tours in the city.

The four were questioned for their part in the sex tourism industry.

Charged for human trafficking were Wongun Ji, Jung Hyun Kim, Dong Jun Lee and Gangil Jeung. Lawyers for the four declined to be interviewed on the case.

officials arrested the men on Friday after receiving a tip-off from a Korean client who accused the four for offering sex tourism packages to fellow Koreans.

An investigation revealed that the men offered sex tourism packages at a cost up to 70,000 pesos per visit – the packages included sexual favours with Filipinas.

Further investigation also showed the four were operating a website to offer the services and also to conduct the transactions – all four men were living in a rented condo in Banilad, Cebu.

In the raid, NBI agents seized the hard drives, laptops and other digital equipment including cell-phones  from the suspects. The NBI said they were on the look-out for a person of interest known as who was tagged by the four Koreans.

Another man by the name of Ken Tuadles allegedly tried to bribe NBI agents into releasing the suspects. Tuadles is said to be a police officer and supposed bodyguard of Peter Lim.

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