Senior citizen vendors paid with fake P1k bill

Authorities have warned vendors to carefully check what is being paid to them after some senior citizens in Mindanao were victimized by a fake P1,000 bill handed to them.

In a report by Real Sorroche of GMA Regional TV One Mindanao in Balitanghali on Thursday, Evangeline Candol revealed that a male customer bought goods worth P150 from her store.

The man first handed him a real P1,000 bill. But when he returned, the man took the and said that he had smaller bills.

“Sabi sa akin ‘Nay meron akong barya, ito na lang,’ tapos sinauli ko ‘yung original, hindi ‘yung peke. Tapos sabi niya ‘Nay kulang ‘yung barya ko.’ Sabi ko ‘Ibalik mo ‘yung P1,000 babaryahan ko.’ Hindi ko naman nakita na peke ‘yung [ibinalik],” said Candol.

CCTV footage shows that the suspect immediately left the store and boarded the waiting pedicab or “payong-payong.”

The senior citizen’s grandson tried to chase the suspect but he quickly ran away.

Authorities are still investigating the identity of the suspect.

The 70-year-old Nanay Rosa Emigo of Davao City is emotional after she lost the P1,000 she owed.

“Pambili ko sana ‘yung ng gamot, panghanda sa birthday, pambili ng pancit bihon. Bahala na sila, ang importante malusog ang pangangatawan,” according to Emigo, who was victimized by two men on a motorcycle.

Senior citizen vendors paid with fake P1k bill

Another modus operandi of the perpetrators was to buy a pack of cigarettes using fake P1,000. They victimize stores of senior citizens.

Police, on the other hand, reminded sellers and shopkeepers to be vigilant in this kind of modus operandi and check the being paid to them before handing over the change.

According to Moneymax, here is how you can spot counterfeit money:

  1. Pay Attention to the Color and Serial Number-  fake ones would either be lighter or brighter in color.
  2. Check the Texture- counterfeiters would not be able to replicate the real bill’s subtly rough texture so fake peso bills will come out smoother.
  3. Look for Raised Text and Images- the text and numerical value at the bottom should be raised as well as they are embossed.
  4. Try Damaging the Bill- Rub some water on the paper bill. If the color smudges and the bill starts tearing, it could be a sign that it is .
  5. Check for the Watermark-  try putting the white space of the peso bill against a light source, and check for the watermark. If there is, check if it matches the image on the right side.