Senator-Elect Manny Pacquiao backs death penalty, saying: “It’s in the Bible”

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Senator-Elect Manny Pacquiao Says Death Penalty is Okay, Saying “It’s In the Bible” –

Senator-elect Manny Pacquiao has expressed his support to bring back the death penalty in the Philippines, saying “It’s in the Bible.”

Pacquiao, a devout Evangelical Christian, said he supports the measure fully as it is noted in Romans 13.


Aside from the Bible, the soon to be senator believes that the measure will instill discipline in his countrymen.

He told reporters that “only criminals will receive the punishment”.

Pacquiao and incoming President Rodrigo Duterte are good friends, and both are supporting the measure to bring back the death penalty, with Duterte wanting to bring back old-fashioned hangings.


Pantaleon Alvarez, Duterte’s choice of House Speaker for his new cabinet, said that the return of the death penalty would be one of the priorities of the 17th Congress once it is in session beginning this July.

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