Senate asks NBI to look for Pharmally’s Krizle Mago

The Senate blue ribbon committee on Monday asked the National Bureau of Investigation to help them look for official Krizle Mago.

Senator Richard Gordon revealed that they could no longer locate Mago after she testified that tampered the dates of face shields delivered to the Department of Health.

“The chairman and the committee [are] worried as to the safety of Ms. Mago of Pharmaceutical Corporation, a resource person in our investigation, after her damaging testimony against probable co-conspirators,” Gordon said in a letter to NBI officer-in-charge Eric Distor.

“In this regard, the chairman requests the NBI to help us look for her.”

Gordon was even worried that something might have happened to Mago because of her weighty testimony.

At the hearing on Friday, the Senate offered to put Krizle Mago under protection. However, she only replied that she needed time to consider the senators’ offer because she was still an employee of Pharmally, which she should feel.

Senate asks NBI to look for Pharmally’s Krizle Mago

Mago is also considered one of the incorporators of the said trading company and serves as head of regulatory affairs.

Also, on Friday, another employee revealed that they are changing the expiration date of face shields from the year 2020 to 2021, and even though it is worn out, they are repacking it and putting a sticker on the Department of Health (DOH) to make it look new.

Krizle Mago, on the other hand, admitted the said allegation and said that they were doing it based on the order of Mohit Dargani, the executive secretary and treasurer of the company.

Meanwhile, in the timeline released by the senator’s office, at 7:27 pm on September 24, they last spoke to Mago, where she said that she would return to them after the hearing.

At 8:15 a.m. on September 26, when the committee followed up, Mago could no longer be contacted, and at 9:13 a.m., when she was called again, she could not be found.

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