Are you a global trekker and selfie freak? Top 10 selfie spots of the world



selfie freak
Every selfie freak loves to include a stunning backdrop in their self portraits. But what attractions are the most popular targets of these narcissistic travellers?

Are you a selfie freak? Everyone in the Philippines knows that the narcissistic craze is in full flow and has been for numerous years.


Numerous places have been in the news lately for banning selfie sticks. Other stories hitting the headlines are about people taking selfies and dying in strange and peculiar circumstances. 

Now, has released a list of current hot spots for those who are truly addicted to photographic self-portraiture. The UK-based ticket booking site analysed 219 million Instagram posts tagged ‘selfie’ from October 2010 to January 2015 and produced the following list.

Only those posts that mentioned the specific name of the attraction being used as a backdrop were used for the list. 


Behold, the top-10 global selfie hot spots: 

  1. 1. Eiffel Tower, Paris (10,700)
  2. 2. Disney World, Florida (9,870)
  3. 3. Burj Khalifa, Dubai (8,860)
  4. 4. Big Ben, London (8,780)
  5. 5. Empire State Building, New York (8,430)
  6. 6. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona (4,970)
  7. 7. Disneyland Paris (4,740)
  8. 8. Colosseum, Rome (4,670)
  9. 9. Top of the Rock, New York (4,290)
  10. 10. London Bridge, London (3,820)

Sadly, no country-specific information was included in the research, so it’s not known what the most popular selfie spots in the Philippines might be. All we can really be sure of, is that the Filipino people have taken to selfie taking like the proverbial ducks to water.

But where do they like to indulge their narcissistic tendencies? Here, after an entirely unscientific trawl through social media, we present the top-10 selfie locations across the Philippines…

These, in no particular order, are:

  1. The Rizal Monument, Manila
  2. White Beach, Boracay
  3. Intramuros, Manila
  4. Magdellan’s Cross, Cebu City
  5. Lake Taal, Tagaytay
  6. Field’s Avenue, Angeles City
  7. Temple of Leah, Cebu
  8. Jollibee restaurants, everywhere
  9. Marcos Mausoleum, Ilocos Norte
  10. Burnham Park, Bagiuo

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