Segregation of vaccinated still being studied: Malacañang

The Palace is now looking into the possibility of isolating those with protection against coronavirus disease (COVID-19) from those not yet in the workplaces as the immunization against pandemic rolls on.

Presidential Adviser for Entrepreneurship Joey Concepcion is now pushing to create separate “safe spaces” for those who have already been vaccinated with vaccines and those who have not yet been able to protect them as the economy opens up.

“Pag-aaralan po natin ‘yan, at dahil all suggestions naman ay dapat pinag-aaralan,” according to presidential spokesperson Harry Roque at a press briefing Monday.

“Pero sa tingin ko ngayon, dahil 8 million mahigit-kumulang pa lang ang ating nabakunahan, ay hindi pa ito ‘yung panahon para gawin ‘yan. Pero pag-aaralan po ‘yan lalong-lalo na’t dumarami ang hanay ng mga nabakunahan na.”

Concepcion had earlier said in an interview with ONE News that they did not intend to instigate discrimination against establishments by implementing separate safe spaces.

Segregation of vaccinated still being studied: Malacañang

He said that this is one of the “exit strategies” they are outlining with the OCTA Research Group and Dr. Edsel Salvana to get past COVID-19.

“The idea is to protect both sides… So how do you protect those vaccinated from getting infected from those not vaccinated and vice versa? The vaccinated people, there is a smaller chance of getting infected, but how do you protect now the non-vaccinated from these people?” said Concepcion.

“The proposal is to put safe places for them. We’ve seen it in other countries. We’re not reinventing anything. In the arenas, like what is happening in the NBA games, they put a section for the vaccinated and a section for the non-vaccinated.” is also requesting if the maximum capacity of their restaurants can be increased by 20% if can prove that they have completed their vaccine doses.

Right now, only 30% is allowed in restaurants unless they get a “safety seal” that will allow them to add 10%.

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