Security guard shoots “arrogant” village official outside 7-11

Security Guard Shoots “Arrogant” Barangay Kagawad at 7-11 Store in Caloocan City – file photo –

A security guard at a 7-11 store in Caloocan City shot an ‘arrogant’ barangay councillor, or ‘kagawad’, this week.

Ali Tanduel, a kagawad of Barangay #188 in Caloocan City was shot after he threatened to kill Jonathan Dawas, the security guard.


Dawas told police he was guarding the store’s front door when Tanduel parked his car at the store’s parking area and began to walk elsewhere.

Dawas approached Tanduel and told him the slot was reserved for store customers only. Tanduel then introduced himself as a ‘barangay official.’

The guard insisted that Tanduel park elsewhere, and that’s when the councilman began cursing at Dawas and threatened to kill him.


“He told me he’ll come back and shoot me if he finds me here,” Dawas told local police.

A police officer who wants to remain anonymous, said that Tanduel is a known hot-headed official with strong arrogance towards others.

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