Security at Baseco Beach in Manila tightened

Security has tightened at Baseco Beach in Manila due to many incidents of swimming in other provinces.

A caretaker from the barangay has been watching for almost 24 hours to enter the beach area and so that no one can swim.

Apart from the barangays, there are policemen and members of the Philippine Coast Guard patrolling the area.

It has become tighter now after several incidents of swimming parties, and drinking sessions were reported in other cities, mostly outside Metro Manila.

According to the guard at the area, they caught a group of people swimming. The group entered the end of the beach, where there was no guard. The barangay approached them immediately, but the group ran away.

Apart from the pandemic, swimming on the beach is forbidden because the coliform level in the sea is still high. Baseco Beach is very close to the residential area and the piers.

Exercise is allowed in the renovated and improved park at the entrance to Baseco Beach.

Security at Baseco Beach in Manila tightened

Meanwhile, the local government of Norzagaray, Bulacan, ordered Barangay Matictic officials to explain the influx of people into the Bakas River this weekend.

Many people flocked to the river this Sunday for picnics and swimming, most without wearing face masks. The booked about 75 people because they did not return home immediately.

He said barangay officials could be held accountable if they fail to respond to the municipality’s show-cause order.

Recently, a resort in Caloocan was finally closed by the local government due to the reception of visitors even though it was still prohibited under the existing quarantine protocols then.

Four visitors in Gubat at the Ciudad resort were later found to be positive for COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Fifty-one people acquired COVID-19 after attending a  and  sessions in Barangay Nagkaisang Nayon in Quezon City.

A total of 610 people attended the said party and were subjected to swab tests after the event, and 51 tested positive for the disease.

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