Second partner-in-crime of vile child abuser Peter Scully behind bars

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A second female accomplice of Australian child abuser Peter Scully — who played a role in filming young girls being tortured and killed — has been arrested.

helped Scully recruit children for so-called “cybersex” videos, in which children were raped, tortured and even murdered on camera.

She was picked up by police in Cagayan de Oro yesterday (Thursday, Friday 17) after years on the run.

Recently, we reported (here) the arrest of Scully’s partner-in-crime and girlfriend Liezyl Margallo, aged 23, at a high-end beach resort.


An investigation of her Facebook page showed she had been enjoying a glamorous life during her years as a fugitive, hiding in plain sight under the name Shannon Carpio. (Read more here, and below.)

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Partner in crime Liezyl Margallo, who documented her life under the assumed name of Shannon Carpio on Facebook.

Chi will face four counts of qualified trafficking charges. She is currently under lock and key at the city jail in Barangay Lumbia.

(See links below for more background to this shocking case.)

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has described how Scully and his accomplices conducted their sick operations across the southern Philippines, using offers of food and money to lure impoverished children into their clutches, to be raped on camera.

As they began to produce bespoke videos for a global network of perverts and sadists, their abuse escalated, culminating in films of girls — some barely more than babies — being sexually abused and tortured.

The most infamous of these disgusting films, The , culminated in the murder of a young girl after an ordeal of the most appalling cruelty. The horrific details of the torture, which we have decided not to publish, are beyond imagining.


Scully was arrested in the southern Philippine city of Malaybalay in 2015 after two terrified teenage girls were found naked and chained in an apartment he rented.

An NBI official said the skeleton of a girl Scully allegedly killed on camera in 2013, when she was 12, was dug up in February 2015 in an apartment he had once rented in Surigao.

Since Scully started his sick operation in 2011, the NBI has identified at least 11 young victims.

Scully’s girlfriend, Liezyl Margallo, 23, was arrested last month at a resort on Malapascua Island, off the mainland northern Cebu town of Daanbantayan, where she was acting as a guide for foreign visitors, while also offering sex.

There is evidence that she had maintained contact with Scully in prison, and they had continued their vile trade. Although cellphones are banned for inmates, it has been alleged that the child abuser is receiving VIP treatment behind bars.


(See report here, and below.)

Fears are growing that Scully could eventually walk free, after vital evidence against him was lost. Items including a computer, video camera and memory card were destroyed in an unexplained fire that razed the Hall of Justice in Cagayan de Oro.

Other suspects who are facing child abuse and qualified trafficking charges relating to the abuse videos include Christian Rouche, Alexander Lao, Haniel Caetano de Oliveira and Marshall Ruskin.

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