Search party launched for missing Filipina in San Diego, California

A search party is launched to find a Filipina in San Diego, California who has been missing for 5 days.

The family of 39-year-old Maya Millete has not been able to sleep since she was declared missing on Thursday night.

She was last seen at home in Chula Vista in San Diego. Although the car was parked outside the house, Millete did not answer calls or texts.

“The room was locked. But when my brother knocked on the door she was responding and it was locked. My brother thought, she probably just wanted to be left alone,” said Maricris Drouaillet, sister of Millete.

“The whole day of Friday, we didn’t hear anything from her. And then Saturday also. So I told my dad to go check on her, to open the door… she wasn’t there,” she added.

Although the family admitted that Millete and her husband had problems, she said it was not her habit to leave for a long time without notice.

They also said they had a family trip on Sunday for Millette’s daughter which she organized.

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Search party launched for in San Diego, California

“It’s not like her to be out for this long. It’s not like her to not attend to her daughter’s 11th birthday,” said Drouaillet.

It turns out that Millette has not used her credit card. Her friends also have no information on where she went.

Millets husband is in contact with the police, but there is no lead in her disappearance.

Millete works as a contract specialist at Naval Base in San Diego.

The Pinay is said to love the outdoors so the family hopes she is just looking for time for herself.

“Come home. And if you don’t want to be found, just take your time and just let us know that you’re okay. That’s all we’re asking for,” said Drouaillet.

Aside from the organized search party, a Facebook account was also created to help with the search.