Seafarers in Liliw, Laguna build community pantry

About 700 residents of Liliw, Laguna were helped by the community pantry organized by a group of 372 seafarers.

The group, called “Liliw Seaman Then and Now,” has several members who are overseas, aboard the ship and several retired seafarers.

Meanwhile, 50 of the group members are on vacation in the Philippines and have been active when it comes to helping.

According to Tintin Estallo, vice president of the group, they saw the need of their countrymen so they organized a community pantry there.

“Basically kasi syempre nakikita na rin natin na over the na community pantry is indemand , effective to reach out , so nung last meeting nagkaron kami ng idea na pwede rin natin tong gawin dito sa bayan natin,” said Estallo.

They allegedly started the initiative with P20,000 from the donation. Others provided rice, eggs, canned food, and various vegetables.

Seafarers in Liliw, Laguna build community pantry

They said they decided to repack other foods so that they can be distributed quickly and prevent people from accumulating.

“Pack by pack, dahil iniiwasan din namin na magkagulo yung mga tao para abot na lang ng abot, para makasunod pa rin sa protocol and social distancing, aside from nag shopping sila ng gulay meron din kami packs na niready na para dire-diretso yung flow ng tao abot-abot,” he said.

After the community pantry in the town of Liliw on Sunday, they built another pantry in another barangay.About 200 residents there were helped.

“Ang Liliw kasi mayroon kaming isang barangay na nakahiwalay mismo dito sa proper town, we called it like low-land because, it’s a part of Liliw pero nandun siya sa kabilang town ulit,” said the group’s vice president.

“After noong Sunday nagkaron ulit kami ng pantry na ginanap sa lowland namin.”

Because the group made many happy, they to do the community pantry again next week, and they will not be the only ones to give help because others have already donated.

Community pantries is an initiative that distributes free vegetables, food, and supplies to people in need. It is also open to donations.

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