Court postpones hearing on Peter Scully child abuse charges


Two Ausssie police officers are in the Philippines to monitor court proceedings of Peter Scully, who faces charges for abusing children.

Australia has shown interest in justice being served for the victims of the known child abuser Peter Gerard Scully.

On Tuesday a court hearing was set to look at the charges of ‘qualified trafficking’ and rape by sexual assault – two of the six charges that Scully is facing.

The hearing on those charges was moved due to the absence of the presiding judge.  

The prosecution in the hearing was suppose to present additional witnesses, while the defense was set to cross examine them on the witness stand.

Officials said that the Australian police have been assisting the prosecution by providing information against Scully’s foreign partners and other pertinent information.

The same police also informed the CDO prosecutor’s office of Peter Scully’s foreign buyers and conspirators that kept the horrific subject in business for so long.

Those links will be handed over to Interpol after being used against Scully in what many are calling one of the worse pedophilia cases in Philippines history.

A total of 69 other criminal cases have been filed against Scully, along with several cohorts which have been filed in Northern Mindanao after the Department of Justice found probable cause to indict all of the accused.

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