Scottish yachtsman rescued off Cebu after injuring himself at sea

Scottish yachtsman
Ronald Cruickshank, aged 64, and his yacht Hawkeye.

A 64-year-old Scottish yachtsman has been rescued by the Coast Guard after injuring himself at sea off Catmon town in Cebu.

Ronald Cruickshank made a distress call at 3.24pm today (Thursday, April 18) after sustaining injuries to his head and back aboard his yacht, which had encountered engine trouble.


Speaking to the Inquirer, Coast Guard spokesman Michael John Encina said Mr Cruickshank was alone in his yacht.

The motor yacht “Hawkeye” was soon found about five nautical miles east of Catmon.

Medical assistance was given to the British Army veteran who was sailing around Cebu as a tourist. According to his Facebook page, he is usually based in Puerto Galera.


“He requested for medical assistance due to head and back injuries caused by personal accident onboard,” Mr Encina said.

The Hawkeye was then towed to Carmen town and Mr Cruikshank was taken to Danao City Hospital.

Mr Cruikshank’s military service was with the Queen’s Own Highlanders and he saw action in the Falklands War of 1982.

He is also a prolific YouTuber, sharing regular videos about sailing and life in the Philippines under the name Retirement plans Philippines. His most recent was posted three days ago, and was entitled “Fixed. At last the outboard is fixed”. It is not known if it was a problem with this engine that led to his troubles today.

Scottish yachtsman
The Scottish yachtsman being helped from his craft. Photo courtesy of the Philippine Coast Guard, via Twitter.

The speedy rescue of the Scottish yachtsman may have been due to an ongoing Coast Guard operation. It’s crews are currently maintaining an intensive programme of patrols in the seas around Cebu province, due to the seasonal influx of tourists.

This operation has been dubbed the “iCare Campaign Plan” or the “Intensified Community Assistance, Awareness, Response and Enforcement for the seas in the Central Visayas region”.

The multi-agency operation is also a form of deterrence against the entry of terror groups to the region.

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