Scientists discover largest asteroid impact zone in Queensland, Australia

Scientists Discover Largest Asteroid Impact Zone in , Australia –

Scientists have discovered the largest asteroid impact zone on earth.

The discovery was concluded after scientists identified two collision sites in Queensland, Australia.

Researchers from Australian National University said they have discovered a 400km-wide zone believed to have been caused by a meteorite splitting in two millions of years ago.

The findings have been published in the academic journal Tectonophysics and revealed the twin domes discovery during drilling as part of a geothermal research on the borders of South Australia, Queensland and Northern Territory.

Researchers say the mega-crash would have destroyed anything in its path – “The two asteroids must each have been over 10 kilometers across – it would have been curtains for many life species on the planet at the time,” the statement read.

Speculation into the event time frame puts the massive impact at 300 to 600 million years ago.