Saudi man dies MERS-CoV respiratory syndrome in Manila hospital

MERS virus
Foreigner with MERS-CoV Symptoms Dies in Manila Hospital –

The Department of Heath confirmed on Saturday that a Saudi man who showed symptoms of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronaviris, otherwise known as MERS, has died in a hospital in Manila.

In a press conference, Health Secretary Janette Garin said the Saudi national started to exhibit symptoms of the MERS-CoV on September 26th.


The foreigner was admitted to a private hospital on September 28 and he died the next day.

The Department of Health received a report on the foreigner only on the day of his death.

The Saudi may have not known he contracted MERS-CoV as he was admitted with indications he was suffering from a mild heart attack.


The patient was buried with 24-hours after his death, in accordance with Muslim tradition.

The Department of Health said they were already tracing those who may have come in contact with the man during his stay in the Philippines. So for the DOH says that includes 55 hospital staff, 15 hotel staff, and three funeral parlour workers.

All involved have passed the MERS-CoV test except 12 who will be monitored for 14 days at San Lazaro Hospital in the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine ward.

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