Saudi tourist arrested after tussle with masseuse over payment

Police say the Saudi tourist attacked a masseuse after apparently enjoying a six-handed rub down in Makati City.

A Saudi man is facing criminal charges for allegedly ‘manhandling’ a masseuse in Makati City during a dispute over payment.

Police say the incident occurred due to a disagreement over the payment for services she and her two other had rendered to the tourist.

Adullah Adam B Hawsawi, aged 48, is now facing physical injury charges following the incident at Jupiter Suites yesterday evening (Thursday, August 2).

The case was based on the complaint of Lorielee Marcelo of Rizal. She claimed that she and two female friends agreed to provide a massage service to Hawsawi.

However, their transaction led to a heated argument due to a misunderstanding regarding the payment.

A commotion then ensued and Marcelo alleged that the Hawsawi choked and punched her in the face.

Hearing a commotion, Jupiter Suites guard Arnulfo Blaza responded to the scene and arrested the suspect. He was then immediately taken to the and detained. 

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