Saudi Arabian tourist arrested for trying to rape masseuse in Makati City

Saudi Arabian
Almutairi Muteb Ateeo Allah, aged 44, in police detention today. Picture provided by police.

A Saudi Arabian tourist has been arrested after he allegedly tried to a masseuse in a Makati City hotel room.

A police report has named the suspect as Almutairi Muteb Ateeo Allah, aged 44, who was staying at the St Giles Hotel in Barangay Poblacion. 

He was arrested early this morning (Wednesday, October 10). He had hired his alleged victim for a massage inside his room late last night.

Police said that at about midnight, Almutairi, who had been drinking heavily, asked the masseuse to stay for another two hours.  

After she declined, the suspect allegedly tried to undress her. According to the woman’s account, he tried to force himself on her and groped her.

After she was able to escape from the room, Almutairi went to the lobby and caused a commotion. A hotel security guard who tried to restrain him said he was slapped by the suspect.

Almutairi is now under the custody of Makati City Police. He will face complaints for estafa [fraud], attempted rape, physical injury, alarm and scandal and resisting arrest. 

Another Saudi Arabian arrested

Almutairi isn’t the first Saudi Arabian to be arrested for allegedly mistreating a masseuse in Makati City.

In August this year, we reported on the of 48-year-old Adullah Adam B Hawsawi for allegedly ‘manhandling’ a masseuse during a dispute over payment.

The case against the 48-year-old tourist was based on a complaint by Lorielee Marcelo of Rizal. She claimed that she and two female friends had agreed to provide a massage service to Hawsawi.

However, a heated argument later erupted due to a misunderstanding regarding the payment. During the row that ensued, Marcelo alleged that Hawsawi choked and punched her in the face.

Hearing a commotion, Jupiter Suites security guard Arnulfo Blaza responded to the scene and arrested the suspect. He was taken to a nearby police station and detained.

It is not known if Hawsawi was formally charged or remains in detention. 

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