Satanic rosaries: Exorcist defends claim Illuminati distributing ‘cursed’ beads

satanic rosaries
Diocese of Novaliches Chief Exorcist, the Reverend Father Ambrosio Nonato Legaspi claimed that when viewed under dim light satanic symbolism could be seen on the plastic rosaries

The exorcist who said the Illuminati were distributing satanic rosaries has defended his claim today (Thursday, September 7).

Diocese of Novaliches Chief Exorcist, the Reverend Father Ambrosio Nonato Legaspi, said he had known about the cursed items for many years.

“Some Catholic quarters are saying this is fake news,” he wrote on Facebook. “No it is not. This is as old as 2007.”

As we reported on Monday, the cleric made the claim on a religious radio show called Hello Father 911.

According to a report on the show carried on the website of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, he said: “Listeners, be careful as the rosaries you might be using could actually be infested or cursed!”

He also claimed that the rosaries were being distributed by satanists, doing the bidding of the Iluminati secret society.

He said that the satanists had “prayed over” the rosaries to consecrate them to evil. Therefore, whoever then used them would be “followed by evil spirits” he warned.

“These were made not only to be simply given away but to deceive Catholics… so that evil spirits will haunt them,” he added.

Since reports of his warning made global news, he has taken to to clarify the dangers.

“We are just repeating the caution we should take in acquiring our prayer objects and paraphernalia. Are there Satanic Rosaries? Yes. Just Google, my friends.”

He also cited a website called Apparition Site Reviews, which described the offending items as “new age rosaries”.

This, he said, amounted to the same thing. “If it’s New Age, it certainly leads to the demonic as, the occult esoteric practices of New Age movement provide wide openings for satanic activities.”

How to dispose of satanic rosaries

In answer to the devout Catholics who had contacted him and other clergy about their satanic rosaries, he gave the following options: “a) have them blessed and exorcised if need be (just to be sure), b) and the exorcist priest will be the one to dispose them properly.

“Do not throw them away (in the garbage can) as someone else may pick them.

“In fact, if the owners of these objects cannot part ways with these things, it would always be enough that they have these objects exorcised and blessed; and they, the owners, make sure they are all in the state of grace. They can keep them and even use them for prayers too.”

In conclusion, the exorcist compared his claims about the satanic rosaries to warnings of impending . “This is a real spiritual war now,” he said. “If you do not want to be warned about the Big One [massive quake expected to hit Manila one day] because of skepticism, do not laugh at those who prepare for its eventuality.”

Father Legaspi’s experience as an exorcist dates to Cardinal Sin’s tenure as Archbishop of Manila. The inappropriately named cardinal asked him to handle the Commission On Visions and Phenomena in Manila after he returned from Rome, where he studied Sacred Theology.