Sara Duterte to self-quarantine after staff listed as PUM

Presidential daughter and Davao City -Carpio will be put on self-quarantine after one of her staff became a person under monitoring for coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

shall undergo a voluntary monitored home quarantine and has signed up as a Person Under Monitoring under the Davao City Health Office,” Duterte-Carpio’s office said in a statement Thursday.

“One of Mayor Duterte’s employees at their residence was unwell last night and is now also listed as a Person Under Monitoring,” the statement added.

Duterte-Carpio’s office also said that Mayor Inday Sara was in a lunch meeting with Committee on Environment Senator Sherwin Gatchalian. The senator is now under self-quarantine after interacting with a COVID-19 positive resource person in a recent Senate committee.

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Sara Duterte to self-quarantine after staff listed as PUM

Senator Nancy Binay is also in self-quarantine as she was with Gatchalian on the said hearing.

The mayor’s office, however, said President Rodrigo Duterte’s daughter had not shown -like symptoms.

“She is now confined in an isolated bedroom at her residence and will continue to work through emails, messaging, and telecon.”

Meanwhile, Senator Bong and the President will be tested today for COVID-19 as a precaution.

The Philippines, as of this writing, has 49 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus, with two fatalities. The recent is an elderly woman who was the first Filipino to die of COVID-19.