Sandigan Bayan junks P1.05-B ill-gotten wealth case vs. Marcoses

Sandigan Bayan dismissed a lawsuit filed by the Presidential Commission on Good Governance in March 1988 against the Marcoses: former President Ferdinand Marcos, his wife, and “cronies” in connection with the alleged P1.052 billion ill-gotten wealth.

The PCGG aimed to recover the “illegal” money that made Ferdinand Marcos, Imelda Marcos, Bienvenido Tantoco Sr., Benvenido Tantoco Jr., Gliberia Tantoco, Maria Lourdes Tantoco-Pineda, Dominican Santiago wealthy, from 30th December 1965 to 25th February 1986.

But according to the Second Division of Sandiganbayan, the evidence presented against the Marcoses was insufficient.

“WHEREFORE, in view of the foregoing, the subject Expanded Complaint for Reconveyance, Reversion, Accounting, Restitution and Damages is DISMISSED for insufficiency of evidence,” the decision read signed by Associate Justice Michael Frederick Musngi.

The 30-page document, dated 25, said documents and witnesses did not confirm that there was a collusion between the Tantoco and Marcos families.

Bienvenido was accused of acting as the former president’s “dummy” to acquire assets.

“Evidently, the plaintiff Republic failed to prove their by preponderance of evidence that the defendants by themselves, or in conspiracy with defendants Marcoses, obtained ill-gotten wealth,” the decision added.

The Sandigan Bayan favoring the Marcoses was the second time the historical family won a case filed against them in two months.

It was August when the Marcos and their “cronies” won the case demanding P102 billion of moral and exemplary damages, due to insufficient evidence.

In 2018, Imelda was found guilty of seven counts of graft.

The Marcoses have been controversial not only on the issue of alleged ill-gotten wealth from the people’s money but also on the numerous abuse of human rights during the Martial Law.

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