San Diego Filipino school will help reconnect kids with their heritage


san diego filipino school
First Filipino School Opens in San Diego, California – image by NBC San Diego –

San Diego, a traditional destination for Filipino migrants, opened the first Filipino school in the United States on Monday, endeavouring to reconnect more than 150,000 Filipino-American children to their heritage.

A report on NBC San Diego said North County School will teach students the language and culture of the Philippines, including its “martial arts, games, dance and, of course, food.”

It will also expose pupils to current events in the Philippines through a live feed maintained by a group of teachers based in the Philippines.

Filipino School co-founder Tony Olaes told NBC that the students will see major areas around the Philippines, including areas hit by typhoons while interacting with locals.

According to its website, The Filipino School aims to bring students “on a journey starting from their current level of knowledge, and building upon that base level of understanding and self-awareness of Being Filipino.”

The is open to Filipinos aged seven and up and is offered by age group and academic level.

Tuition for elementary school-level students costs $35 and $40 for middle schoolers. Students in high school can take courses for $45 while college students may take them for $50.

Adults may even join the sessions for the same price as college students.