Samar teacher to be trained at US space academy in Huntsville, Alabama


Teacher Training in US Space Academy in Huntsville, Alabama –

Guiuan Christopher Sheen Gonzales has announced that Hector Dagaño is the recipient of a grant from Honeywell Hometown Solutions and Honeywell Educators at the Space Academy in Huntsville, Alambama. 

Dagaño is an elementary school teacher for science at the Ngolos Honeywell Elementary School. He is the recent beneficiary of a mathematics and science scholarship training grant.

The Guiuan science teacher will join some 200 others from all over the world in a training programme sponsored by HHS. This includes a scenario-based space mission as well as the process to become an astronaut. The training will also include flight simulations, water survival training and interactive flight dynamics programmes.

The training will last four months and include 45 classroom and laboratory training from HHS.

After Dagaño’s training, another teacher will be recommended for the same programme.