Samar judge named by Duterte in his drug list was killed in 2008

President Rodrigo Duterte, Samar Judge
Samar Judge Named by Duterte in Recent Drug List, Killed in 2008 –

Some higher-ups are questioning President Duterte’s recent list of drug suspects which he laid on recently.

Over 158 names were given as drug protectors but one in particular brings to mind how accurate his list truly is – Judge Roberto Navidad or Regional Trial Court #32 in Calbayog City, Samar has been dead for over eight years now.


Navidad was killed by a lone assailant on January 15th, 2008 inside his vehicle in Calbayog City.

The former judge was buying his medications when he entered his vehicle and was killed by an unknown shooter.

His relative are now shocked and unhappy when President Duterte named him on Sunday as a drug protector.

Judge Roberto Navidad killed by gunman, Samar Judge
Crime Scene of Judge Roberto Navidad

Navidad’s nephew, Elias Navidad Acosta said the entire thing is a “Big Lie.”

Acosta told reporters that “He was my uncle. I know him from head to foot. He was not a drug protector. He was a drug eliminator or a drug buster. That is why he was shot dead by these syndicates.”

Acosta worked as a court sheriff at the Regional Trial Court Branch #7 in Calbayog City. He was also the sheriff of RTC Branch #7 in Tacloban where Navidad presided over as a judge for over a decade before transferring to the branch he now works at in Calbayog City.

Navidad was the former mayor of MacArthur town in Eastern Samar from 1972 to 1979.

Soon after he began a law practice.

In 2007, Navidad announced his plans to run for vice governor of Eastern Samar but later gave up those plans.

Navidad’s family resides in the United States – so far no word from his direct family on the announcement that he was in fact a drug protector and by Duterte’s list, still alive.

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