Samar couple featured in Time Magazine for leadership after Typhoon Haiyan



Time Magazine features Couple from Philippines for Their Efforts During Typhoon Yolanda

An American and Filipina husband and wife have been featured in Time Magazine for their efforts during typhoon Yolanda. 


The feature in Time’s latest Asia edition shows Timothy and Josephine Desmond in the “Above and Beyond” section of the special multi-media stories which profiled ordinary people who do extraordinary things in and around Asia. 

The story detailed the Desmonds’ humanitarian aid to Maslog in Samar, an effort that helped nearly 500 families. 

Josephine, a native of Maslog, joined the relief operations after Yolanda came ashore in the region of Tacloban, Leyte. 


Josephine set up a base operation in schoolyards, handing out over 20 tons of aid in all –  essential supplies and lifesaving medicine for the entire village.

Her husband, the chairman of the board of marine theme park Ocean Adventure, remained in Subic and posted the event in an online blog he created.  

“We are extremely proud of what Tim and Jo accomplished in Maslog, Samar. Tim has always deeply cared about the Subic community, but this time, he was successful in mobilizing to help people in distress in a place very, very far away from here. It just shows how much he cares,” said Gail Laule, Ocean Adventure’s chief operating officer.

Laule likewise expressed gratitude to the staff of Ocean Adventure and the role they played in making the humanitarian effort possible.

“We are proud of the efforts in Samar and will continue to encourage corporate and personal outreach to those who need it most,” she said.