Samantha Lo fails to be in Miss Grand International 2019 top 20


Samantha Lo, the Philippines’ representative in the Miss Grand International 2019, did not make it to the top 20, therefore ending her controversial journey to the crown in Venezuela, Saturday, October 26.

Samantha Lo evening gown


Samantha started to be the headlines when she was reported missing and failed to attend Miss Grand International 2019 welcome ceremony last week.

Her fans got worried when she was not able to give updates on her whereabouts for a week and missed some pre-pageants activities such as press presentation and swimsuit competition.

Reports came out that the beauty queen was detained in Paris and was deported back to the Philippines over passport issues.


The Department of Foreign Affairs then confirmed that Samantha Lo has no record on their passport database.

Samantha issued her statement via Instagram to explain what had happened to her before she arrived at Miss Grand International 2019.

“I chose to break my silence until I arrived in Venezuela because I wanted to make sure I got here safely. Despite what happened last week and the trauma that came with it, I have moved forward and pursued this journey knowing that I did not intentionally commit any of the acts that have been unfairly attributed to me. But yes, my local organizer, who handled my travel preparations, failed to equip me with the proper transit visa that may have enabled me to complete my earlier trip to this host country. Moreso, it wasn’t them who got me out of detention and put me safely on that plane to come back home. It was my family and other well-meaning Filipinos who did — and they are still not resting until this is over.”

Despite the controversies, Samantha managed to make it to Venezuela and joined the preliminary competition on Wednesday, October 23, in Caracas, Venezuela.

Samantha Lo uses ‘Maria Clara Walk’ for Miss Grand International 2019

There she showed her signature “Maria Clara Walk,” which was “inspired by the ‘Maria Clara Suite Dances’ popularized by the Bayanihan, the National Dance Company of the Philippines,” according to Carlos “Caloy” Buendia Jr, Samantha’s trainer.

“The overall posture, slides, turns, hip mobility, strides of the feet, poses, and hand movements were inspired by the dances ‘Habanera de Jovencita’ and ‘Cariñosa.’ The eye movements are inspired by the secret messages Filipinas used to send with their abanikos or fans, which played a huge role in Philippine history,” he added.

Top 20 Miss Grand International 2019

3.South Africa
6.Czech Republic
7.Costa rica
12.Dominican Republic
13.Puerto Rico

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