Safeway Online Delivery Service: How To Order Online

Venturing out of the house may be a luxury you cannot afford these days, but Safeway Online Delivery Service can help. You don’t have to go outdoors when everything you need can come right to your door-step. Online delivery takes a massive load off your shoulders by saving time and effort.

That is why supermarket chains like Safeway have come forward with their home-delivery services. Now, you have the convenience of ordering all your home essentials with Safeway online delivery.

Stretching from beverages, snacks, and dairy products to prescription medicines and toiletries, everything is available on Safeway online stores. Just take out your grocery list, and for the rest of the details, we’ve got you covered. 

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About Safeway

Safeway has been a big player in the food retail industry since 1963 operating under Albertsons Companies. The company has a wide national presence across the 35 states under well-known banners. 

Safeway is committed to helping people by providing quality products at affordable prices. Recently a door-step to facilitate the sale of their products.

Why Safeway?

There are many grocery brands providing delivery services, but certain points give Safeway an edge over others. Safeway has one of the most reasonable pricing policies for their products as compared to online order services of other brands. 

Safeway offers flexible delivery and pick-up timings to match your schedule. Besides door-step delivery, you can also opt for Drive-up & Go (pick-up) that lets you drive to the nearest store or park and receive your ordered items. You can also re-order your items based on your previous purchases.

Safeway regularly offers coupons, weekly discounts, and hot deals to its . They also provide free delivery on your first order. You can make special requests for any product and get your orders customized by the Safeway delivery team.

What Products Can I Buy With Safeway Online?

You’ll find many products to choose from on the Safeway website placed in different categories. You can also browse through various products categorized by events like mother’s day, graduation, etc. 

Safeway stores have products ranging from kitchen essentials & beverages to personal care & health. You can also order medicines (by uploading prescription) from the Safeway pharmacy at great discounts conveniently. 

How To Place An Order

You can either place an order from the Safeway app or the official website. Follow these simple to get your items delivered to your place. First of all, go to the Safeway website or app and browse through the category of products you’re looking for.

You can then add the product to the cart, and Safeway will update your cart with every product. Once this is done, go to your cart, check all the products, and proceed to delivery. (Minimum order of 46 AUD is allowed including taxes, delivery charge, and bag charge)

After that, you have to pick up a suitable delivery time and location from the available slots (Delivery time is between 8 am to 10 pm on all weekdays). Finally, proceed to the payment window and choose how you would like to pay.

Helpful Tips 

Do you want to make your Safeway online delivery even smoother? These tips might come in handy.

  1. If you’re a regular customer at any Safeway offline store, you can log in with your registered offline store account to get special offers.
  2. Keep checking offers on the “deals” page and “Just for u” section of the website to save more.
  3. Some delivery slots offer lesser charges due to the availability of staff (as less as 5 AUD for orders under 233 AUD). So, compare the slots according to time and price.
  4. For urgent deliveries (less than 2 hours), Safeway online store lets you transfer to third-party delivery partners like Instacart.
  5. For accepting the delivery of alcoholic beverages, keep a photo ID ready to confirm that you’re above 21.
  6. Safeway only accepts payment through MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and Express cards for online orders. Cash, personal cheques, and gift cards are not accepted for payments currently.
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Now you’ve got a step-by-step guide on how to order from Safeway online with useful tips. You can save big money and be a carefree couch as your grocery basket does all the traveling. All you have to do is put on a cheery smile and welcome the delivery guy.