Reward offered to find Russian who fleeced countrymen on Panglao

A hunt has been launched to find Russian conman Mikriukov Roman.

A reward has been offered to track down a Russian conman who tricked three of his countrymen out of 690,000 pesos.

The victims, who all live on Panglao Island, are co-ordinating with their embassy in Manila to help find the suspect, Mikriukov Roman. He apparently went on the run after convincing the three to lend him cash.


In reports to police, the victims said that Roman gave them each a different reason for needing to borrow the money. 

Zhukov Ladislav, for example, told the authorities that he lent 600,000 pesos to Roman after he claimed his wife needed hospital treatment. 

Following the loan on November 7, Roman pledged to immediately repay the amount and left his passport with Mr Ladislav as collateral. 


However, when Mr Ladislav tried to collect the cash on November 12, Roman was nowhere to be found.

After Mr Ladislav started the hunt for Roman, he discovered that two other Russian expats, Dubok Aleksei and Rubtsov Aleksandr, were also chasing him for unpaid loans.

Mr Alexsandr told police that Roman had borrowed 90,000 pesos, which he said was needed for emergency repairs to a vehicle.

Mr Alexsei declined to reveal how much money he lent Roman nor why he claimed to need the cash.

In a Facebook post today (Friday, November 16), Mr Ladislav has offered a reward for information about Roman’s whereabouts. He wrote: “Asking for help in searching! Russian Roman Mikriukov 1989 year of birth appeared in Panglao at the end of September. He borrowed a large sum of money from few people and left the island in secret November 13 in the evening. Victims have notes with his signature about money. Now Bohol police file a case. Be careful and don’t borrow him money. Reward for information about his location is up to 50,000 pesos. Photos are attached. He can wear black-framed glasses.” 

According to the Bohol Chronicle, police believe that Roman has already left the island of Panglao.

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